About Us


CCG is a multi-disciplinary collaboration between two directors, Louie Kang and Alan Li – a NZ registered architect and a chartered professional engineer. The directors have 15 years of experience in their fields.

Founded in 2010, CCG is now a fast growing building consultancy undertaking a wide variety of building projects. Our team are some of the best architects & building engineers New Zealand has to offer. We have engineers and consultants Auckland wide to help with all your building needs.

A Team of Industry Experts: Architects, Designers, Building Compliance Specialists, Consultants

CCG now has 10 staff, including some of the best building engineers in New Zealand. All of our technical staff are tertiary qualified and fully experienced in the New Zealand Building industry. Call us if you need help with any project. We manage all types of projects including:

  • Home construction or rebuild
  • Residential and commercial extension
  • Commercial building design
  • Office fit out
  • Structural engineering
  • Fire engineering and reporting

People You Can Rely On


Louie Kang
Louie Kang

Louie has been working in the New Zealand construction industry for the past 15 years.  During this time, he has worked as a Lead Project Architect, a Contract Manager, a Building/Fire Compliance Officer and a Fire Consultant. Louie has been reviewing and writing fire reports for the past 11 years.

Currently, he is responsible for all the fire engineering works produced under CCG. He also shares his time on initial concept works and daily practice management.

Ryan Shin
Associate Director
BArch ANZIA Registered Architect

Ryan has extensive experience in delivering a variety of building projects, large and small.  His vast NZ experience includes apartments, warehouses and mixed use developments.

Ryan has 14 years of broad ranging building knowledge. He is the lead technical reviewer of the practice and is a highly respected member of the team with his extensive building proficiency and technical skills.

Fire Engineering

Louie Kang
Louie Kang
Director / Fire Engineer

Louie is responsible for all the fire engineering works produced under CCG.

His previous experience with the Compliance team in the Council provided him deep expert knowledge in all aspects of the NZ Building and Fire code and its associated process.

Louie has been reviewing and writing fire reports for the past 11 years. His vast understanding provides enormous benefits for our clients in the fast and  efficient processing of their projects.  As a result, CCG has a significant number of repeat commercial clients in the field of fire engineering.

As well as his experience as a Fire Consultant, he has worked as a Lead Project Architect and a Contract Manager during his 15 years in the New Zealand construction industry and is a Director of CCG.


Emily Wu
Architectural designer
BAS MArch (Prof), University of Auckland

Master of Architecture (Prof) 2015
Bachelor of Architecture Studies 2013

Emily has been working in the NZ architectural field for 5 years.

Her natural attention to detail has allowed her to lead some of CCG’s key projects, including new build residential houses, large-scale housing developments, residential extension and alterations and commercial fit-outs.

Recently she delivered full documentation for a 62-unit residential development in Takanini and was praised by the client for her quality workmanship.

She also recently completed documentation for a brand new 40-unit motel project in the South Island.

During her free time, she loves painting, drawing and making models.

Sean Xu
Senior lead designer

Sean came to us with 4 years of broad-ranging experience in the architectural field.  He has worked on a multitude of luxury residential developments, house recladding, land subdivisions, multi-unit terraced housing and apartment buildings.

He is a very conscientious worker, always delivering high-quality work for his clients.

During his free time, he enjoys playing basketball with friends and spending time with his family.

Paul Gao
Architectural designer
BAS MArch (Prof), University of Auckland

Paul holds a Master of Architecture (Professional) degree from the University of Auckland as well as an Architecture Studies (Bachelor) degree from China.

He has over three years of broad work experience and has been involved in every stage of building projects from design development to resource consent and building consent.

Paul is responsible for many of CCG’s residential development and alteration projects. He is also developing his experience in the area of commercial projects.  Amongst his commercial projects for CCG, he is currently working on a brand-new factory and showroom at Great South Road, Auckland.

He is a big sports fan, especially basketball. During his spare time, he loves watching NBA games, drama and hanging out with his wife. They both love visiting art galleries and museums to enjoy the great artworks.

Ding Li
Architectural designer
BAS University of Auckland

Ding graduated Bachelor of Architectural Studies in Unitec Institute of Technology in 2012.

She is a qualified Architectural Designer with 4 years’ experience in the New Zealand building industry.

Ding is a hardworking individual who pays careful attention to project detail.   Often working alongside Ryan, she delivers many of CCG’s projects with a very successful outcome.

David Li
Architectural designer
BAS MArch (Prof), University of Auckland

David joined CCG in June 2017.

To date, he has been involved with an array of commercial projects such as restaurant, warehouse/factory and church design.

He is the go-to person for architectural rendering solutions in the practice.

During his free time, David is an avid gamer and also enjoys travelling globally to attend e-sports tournaments. He has a TI champion Aegis on his desk for his love of Dota 2.

Geoff Low
Architectural Designer
BAS, MArch (Prof), Unitec Institute of Technology

Geoff Low came to us with 4 years of broad-ranging experience in the New Zealand Architectural Field. He has worked on a wide variety of architectural projects from new builds to renovations in the design and documentation phase.

He is passionate about creating the best architecture. He believes the best architectural responses are found through a collaborative working relationship with clients, fully understanding their requirements and responding to the context of the site. He also believes in designing spaces that enhance people’s lives and the natural environment they inhabit.

Working across all stages of the design and construction process has refined Geoff’s skills in delivering the beauty and clarity of an initial concept through to construction.


Camillia Kim
Practice Manager
BSc BCom MTax

Camillia holds a Masters degree in Tax and leads the administration side of the practice.

She has background experience as a Senior Tax Consultant within large corporate tax consultancies and has been working in New Zealand for over 12 years.

She enjoys the analysis and organising aspects of her role at CCG.

Daniel Park
Project Administrator

Daniel joined CCG after completing his study at Auckland University.

He is excited to learn new things every day and applies his technical skills in various aspects of administrative duties. He has IT technical experience that is very welcomed to ensure the smooth running of the practice.

Daniel also supports us in project administration, planning, statistics and website management.

During his free time, he has a special interest in Fingerstyle guitar and table tennis.