Proposed House, East Coast Road

New 3 level house design in North Shore. It was designed as split levels to suit the contours and for easy access between spaces. Master bedroom is located at the top level for a great view. With clever planning, over 350sqm of functional floor area was achieved on mere 420sqm land.
The library is open to the main living space below.

“I have worked with CCG since 2014 with projects ranging from residential developments and high end holiday homes. CCG has indeed became not only my company’s “Chief Designer” but also my “Personal Design Adviser”. CCG was engaged for all of our high end residential developments and all of my holiday homes in Auckland. They were able to help me as a single point of responsibility with initial concept designs, material and colour selections right through to implementation and build, all within a set budget and timescale. I gained two fundamental benefits from employing CCG. One is the design itself. They were able to take a few basic and rather uncertain ideas of mine and show how they could be realized to best effect. They put forward the most incredible ideas for floor plans, spacial quality, interior design, and special architectural features. They were particularly amazing at coming up with solutions, and improvising, for the areas I hadn’t considered. Sourcing everything would have taken me weeks, or never at all. I have to say that they have a wonderful & trendy taste of design ideas. They always give you choice, and add some interesting things in that you just wouldn’t have thought of, but that work beautifully. Another one is commercial benefits, our clients were all extremely happy with the design solution in our development and they believe our product is different from those by other developers, and I believe CCG’s design had some good influence here. Speaking of my own holiday houses, while I’ve only got to enjoy a few days in a year, most of the other times were rented out short term and the return has been amazing, the stylish houses that CCG created generated huge interest and made my houses really popular in the area.” 

Frank Li

  • Year: 2015
  • Size: 370sqm
  • Area: Auckland
  • Project Team: Louie Kang, Joseph Yu (Project Architect)