House development, Ngaio Street

In 2016, a developer well associated with CCG came in and briefed for a three-house subdivision at Ngaio Street in Orakei. Challenges quickly arose, with land size being only 776m². The unitary plan is under appeal at that time which meant everyone on board had to learn and adapt to the new rules. After thorough analysis and liaising with Council planners, CCG presented the design under both the 2016 Unitary Plan and old District Plan rules, in order to maximise the development for the client while also catering to the neighbours with minimum disruption.

A huge challenge for the design was ensuring the site held three quality sized dwellings, which meant fire compliance played a huge part in the design process. With collaboration with our fire and structural engineers, we were able to tackle the issues the Building Code and Fire Code presented.

We presented the finished design package as buildings. A standalone three-story house in the front and duplex dwellings at the back. The front house features three master bedrooms, two double bedrooms, triple living areas and a large deck area overseeing the Orakei Basin. The back duplex houses consist of a three-story 5 bedroom dwelling adjacent to a double story 4 bedrooms. All three dwellings integrate a mix of vertical cedar and James Hardie Stria cladding, covered with a timeless metal profile roof on top.

Satisfied that the client now has three new contemporary houses, he is satisfied beyond expectations and foresees that they will fetch great prices on the 2020 property market.

  • Year: 2016
  • Area: Auckland