House re-cladding, Binnacle Rise

Our client owned the plaster house in the area for a while. The original house was constructed in the early 2000s.  There are many plaster houses building around the area building around that era.

As our team has completed a number of re-cladding projects near the area, our client had received a personal recommendation from a building who works with us over a few projects.

The briefing was obviously to re-clad the house but with modern touch and flair. The roof and cladding options were also investigated.

Vertical claddings and stone feature walls were selected to give a fresh modern look yet still conservative nature to blend in with surrounding nature.

Along with the great construction input from the contract, our client has been very happy with the outcome.

  • Re-cladding
  • Location: 10 Binnacle Rise, Gulf Harbour
  • Professional Service: Building Consent