NMIT School Building Refurbishment, Upper Queen Street

School Re-Fit and Exterior Modernisation in Auckland, NZ

Do you need professional fire engineering help with your school improvement project? Look no further than Casa Consulting Group. We don’t just deal with homes and businesses, we recently also did a school re-fit and exterior modernisation for NMIT Auckland. No matter the size of the project, we always deliver excellent work and offer constant support from start to finish.

Back in 2014, we made improvements on the NMIT School building Upper Queen Street in Auckland. This project involved completely re-fitting of all floors, along with exterior modernisation. We did significant changes in the structural design to give the building a clean, stylish and contemporary look. We can do the same for your school. Tell us about your plans and visions and we will show you how we can help.

The Big Transformation

Every student wants to be part of an institution that fosters academic excellence and provides an ideal learning environment. By upgrading your old buildings, you can make your school the pride of your students and a perfect place to shape their future career. Even the smallest improvements will matter, but a great makeover will surely make a big difference.

Talk to us about your school re-fit and exterior modernisation project. We are excited to be part of your institution’s big transformation. Call or email us today so we can get started as soon as possible.

The building is a 5 level structure including the basement car parking floor. It was previously used as 2 Degrees head quarter, and then later purchased by our client NMIT to generally refurbish and modernize the entire building for a tertiary education centre. This projects was constructed in an extremely tight time frame and the construction was underway at the same time as staged consenting. CCG has managed to meet this programme successfully. our client has been very satisfied with our work.

  • Commercial Architecture
  • Year completed: 2014
  • Location: 42 Upper Queen Street, Eden Terrace
  • Professional Service: Fire engineering
  • Client testimonial:

“My name is Farzbod Taefi. I am the director of Skills Update Training Institute.

About 5 years ago, in conjunction with NMIT, we purchased a site on 42 Upper Queen Street. This building needed a lot of renovation and make-over, so we handed the design amongst a number of architectural firms, and the most attractive design came from CCG.

We found them very flexible and receptive to our comments and ideas. I think it was the winning card for us as the client. Getting the permits through the council is not an easy task. They had good contacts in the council, they were well known to the council, and that really speeded up the process. I think if we’ve chosen another group of architects, this project may have taken twice as long. We have recommended CCG to many people and referred them to Louie. You know the sample of his work is here, and people can see what they can get.”

Farzbod Taefi