Wang Food Market, 98 Rosedale Road

The WANG supermarket is an iconic commercial property in the Rosedale business district, located on 98 Rosedale Road, Rosedale.

The building has a footprint of 1,570m² with a large grocery shopping area, five internal sub-tenancies units, and warehouse area. Our design aimed to provide a simple architectural form with modern, elegant aesthetics outlooking and high-level shopping environment.

As a result, we used the painted concrete precast panels with a groove cut pattern and the light colour weatherboards to create a modern outlooking with elegant decoration details. The high roof with louvres and unframed clear glass highlighted the position of the main entrance.

The use of the steel portal frames helps to create ample clear space as per the special requirement of supermarket and warehouse. The high-quality internal finishing aims to presents a comfortable, relaxing shopping experience for the customers. Considering the possible abundant passenger flows in the future, we designed a large car parking area with accessible parking space to comply with the daily requirement for the new supermarket.

The client is satisfied with the resulting design. The new supermarket has brought new life into the original business district.

  • Commercial Architecture
  • Year completed: 2019
  • Location: 98 Rosedale Road, Rosedale
  • Professional Service: Resource Consent, Building Consent
  • Size: 1570m²
  • Client testimonial:

“I am Harland Murray from Statesman Projects. We are the main contractor for Wang Trading.

Working alongside CCG was easy, it couldn’t have been better. They handled the council work, provided faster responses to minor variation and the team on site found the plans easy to read. We did have challenges, with the change of specifications for a couple of products. After through the job we had to hold up, waiting for the consents for the minor changes. CCG handled all of this work, and we found it easy.

CCG handled the architectural and the passive fire which made it easy for us. We had a few challenges on-site with passive fire, and due to the fact that we’re dealing with one team, that was resolved quickly and efficiently.

We definitely would recommend CCG. We look forward to working with them again in the future. They are easy to work with, and we really enjoyed working with them.”

Harland Murray